Community Care Chaplains
Healing the community through compassionate care

CPE Supervisor/ Pastoral Care Educator/Life Coach

Dr. Geof Tio is a well respected clinician. He has been involved in clinical supervision, teaching clinical chaplains and clinical pastoral supervisors in New York, New Jersey, Arizona and other states since 2002. He is a Diplomate in Pastoral Supervision by the College of Pastoral Supervision and Psychotherapy. He completed his Clinical Supervisory Education training at the New York Presbyterian Hospital /Columbia University Medical Center. He finished his doctorate degree in Clinical Pastoral Supervision at the New York Theological Seminary. 

Dr. Tio has coached, trained, and mentored clergy, businessman, and lay leaders to become more successful leaders in ministry and/or marketplace. He has organized Community Care Chaplains, a non-profit organization that provides pastoral training and pastoral formation to clergy and lay leaders, and pastoral care and counseling to local communities

He is also an ordained Seventh-day minister. He served in New Jersey Conference as Bible teacher and associate pastor for 10 years. He also worked as Director of Pastoral Care in Peninsula Medical Center in Maryland prior to moving to Arizona. Within his four years in Arizona, he was instrumental in planting the Tucson Fil-Am Seventh-day Adventist church and establishing  the Community-based CPE program in Phoenix and Tucson. Dr. Tio works in partnership with the Family Life Ministries department of the Arizona Conference to train clergy and lay leaders in pastoral care and counseling.

Dr. Tio hails from the Philippines where he completed his Master’s degree is in the area of Development Communication at the University of the Philippines. He completed his Bachelor’s degrees in Theology and in History and Philosophy of Religion at the Adventist University of the Philippines. Dr. Tio and his loving wife are blessed with three lovely children.

Community care chaplains: Bridging and Equipping

How does CCC's compassionate care heal our community? The isolating structure of society, the demands of our economic crisis, the struggle to survive in the rat race, the shallow entertainments-all crowded the space a person needs to deal with her own loss, pain and suffering.  People need a space to unleash this toxic energy. It is in providing such sacred space that a depressed wife finds hope in the morning; a dying man finds meaning of his limitation; a divorced spouse finds care; an abandoned elderly finds community; a homeless person finds communion; a distressed family finds comfort; and a patient confronted by the unknown finds a place just to “be”.

The Community Care Chaplains believes that competent pastoral care and counseling is a major key in the growth and healing of the community.  It utilizes in-depth theological perspectives and psychodynamic insights unique in each person in the delivery of pastoral care and counseling.  It promotes excellent standard of care in chaplaincy services.  It provides professional chaplaincy services to the community and quality Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) training to the community clergy and laity.


The Community Care Chaplains is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization. Through its training, pastoral care and counseling inititatives, CCC aims to build bridges between institutions and individuals and facilitate healing through compassionate care.


Community Care Chaplains is accredited by the College of Pastoral Supervision and Psychotherapy(CPSP). CPSP is an international, theologically based covenant community, offering accreditation and certification to individuals and programs that meet standards of expertise in Pastoral Counseling, Pastoral Supervision and psychotherapy.

CPSP confers Diplomate, Pastoral Counselor, Board Certified Clinical Chaplain and
Board Certified Associate Clinical Chaplain credentials to individuals who demonstrate
competence, meet its standards, aspire to its principles, and commit to its discipline.