Community Care Chaplains
Healing the community through compassionate care
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Application Requirements
Attach to the application the following items (either send this via email, fax, or snail mail):
1. A reasonably full account of your life including important events and relationships with persons who have been significant to you, the impacts of these events and the relationships have had on your development. Describe your family of origin, your current family relationships, and your educational growth dynamics.
2. A description of your cultural and religious life including events and relationships that affected your faith, world view and belief systems. How do you envision utilizing your cultural and religious being in ministering across culture? 
3. A discussion of work (vocation) history including a chronological list of positions and dates (Resume)
4. A description of an incident in which you were called to help someone, including the nature of the request, your assessment of the need/problem, what you did and a summary evaluation.
5. A statement about why do you want to take a unit of Clinical Pastoral Education. What are your expectations from the training program and how do you think will it help you in your ministry? Identify specific ideas about what you would like to learn in the unit. 
6. If you had previous Clinical Pastoral Education, please include copies of evaluations written by you and by supervisor/s. 

7. Documentation of Faith Group Endorsement [required only from applicants for Supervisory CPE.
8. FEES  Application fee of $20.00 [make checks payable to Community Care Chaplains] or pay  here. (Training Fee: $990/unit if admitted to the program to be paid before the training starts.)

Attach/upload application materials when completing the form or fax the materials to 1.866.333.3058. You can also email it to
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