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Geof's Bench

A place where you could be safely honest with yourself.

 Welcome to Geof's Bench!
Many burdened, lost, grieving, struggling, self-discovering and blossoming individuals have sat on this figurative bench. They have found in this place empowering and healing experiences that led to re-connection with self, others, and God. It is a place where people discover their great hopes and potential, their strengths and weaknesses, and realized how their attachment to these things can get in the way towards achieving success in life. 

Geof's Bench is a virtual one-on-one sessions with Dr. Geof Tio, a masterful clinician and a pastoral care specialist. He is gifted in "in-depth listening" skills. His one-on-one sessions will help you assess both your untapped gifts and embraced challenges. He will help you hear yourself that will lead you to freeing discovery of self. This encounter can release you from your own staggering gridlock, entrapping woundedness, and unhealthy patterns. It will help you discover how your weaknesses can be your strength and how your greatest strength can become your greatest weakness. To know more about Dr. Geof Tio, click here.

Leadership Coaching Services: 
A. Personhood and Leadership Formation
An hour of one-on-one in-depth listening. It helps you recognize how you  value self and how your values and history shape your here and now as a person and as a leader. 2-3 Sessions (The number of sessions may exceed more than three sessions depending on the goals set by the client.) $100/session

B. Personhood and Leadership Assessment
Helps you Identify roadblocks for success, assesses foundation of one's character, examines areas of growth.  This includes recognizing  the suppressed and repressed potential elements for growth and healing. 2-3 Sessions (The number of sessions may exceed more than three sessions depending on the goals set by the client.) $100/session 

C. Action-Reflection Coaching
These one-on-one sessions are designed to help those who would like to improve their gifts in leadership and mentoring and their level of self-awareness by using the Anton Boisen's tradition clinical method of learning. 2-3 Sessions (The number of sessions will be determined depending on the goals set by the client.) $100/Session

Pastoral Counseling:
Strengthening Marital Relationship, Surviving losses, Bereavement Counseling, Divorce Care Counseling, Anger Management, Spiritual Discernment, conflict Management (Inter-personal and Intra-personal) and others.  $100/session

Psycho-Spiritual  Discovery & Assessment Tools
Identify your personality type and roadmaps to unleashing your great potential. Discover your untapped areas of intelligences and buried gifts due to fear, shame, guilt, and childhood wounds. $120/session

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